Thursday, June 13, 2013


You know how kids in school have themed weeks to commemorate, remember or learn about something in particular?  Think Red Ribbon Week or Teacher Appreciation week.  Well, I figured I deserved a week of my own to kick off my battle against cancer and enjoy my last week of freedom, per se.

So, celebrate I did!  It started early in the week with Chris & Jen at Flores (best queso ever)for Happy Hour.  I love that there is a designated hour to be happy.  Anyways, I was prepared to enjoy some of the things they told me to avoid during treatment…alcohol, spicy food, sharp edged chips.  I savored the Mexican martini (only one) and munched on the chips and queso.  Of course, the girls were being much more restrained than I was, but remember I ‘m not worried about gaining weight right now and there is a real freedom in that!  I just enjoyed my friends and being normal.  Whatever my normal is it would soon be changing.

There was a lovely brunch the next day with some fabulous women from my CBS (Community Bible Study).  It was to welcome new core leaders to the group and spend time getting to know one another.  I was asked at the end of last session if I would be a core leader and God kept telling me that I needed to.  This was before my diagnosis.  I responded and know that I will have such a testimony to share with those beautiful women in my group.  The prayers and support from these women have been so amazing and essential in keeping me strong.

Pedicures followed the next day, and I chose the brightest, neon orange I could find.  During a time when I may not be too cheery, my toes deserve to be!  Once again I just enjoyed the time of bonding with my ‘sister’ Chris.  And, by the way, Nancy the nail lady gave the best calf massage ever.

Wednesday afternoon  it was a girls luncheon at Rough Hollow Grille.  Sipping on white wine, overlooking the beautiful, yet depleted lake, I couldn’t help but think that’s how I would feel soon…still beautiful in my own way, but depleted.  But my family, faith and friends would help to fill me up.  It was the normal gang of girls, the Five Amigos, the Spongebabes, the Wet your Whistle Wednedsay crew.  A united group gathering in support of my upcoming treatment and Torri’s surgery last week.  I told you earlier about my dear Torri who was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer a week or so after I was diagnosed.  The surgery was a success, thyroid and cancer were removed.  Now she was waiting on the lymph node biopsies.  She had her follow up appointment before lunch, and told us that she is all clear.  She is cancer free!  Praise God!  I just hugged her and cried tears of joy that she is free of the burden that I am bearing.  And I cried tears of joy knowing that the next time it will be her hugging me when I, too, can say I’m cancer free.

Thursday was the girls(Meghan &  Molly’s) last day of school.  It was full of awards and skits for Molly as she enters Fifth grade next year.  And, for Meghan it was finals as she heads to high school (when did she grow up??).  The each headed to end of year parties and Will and I ended up with Stacy and Kameron, eating leftover hot dogs from the 4th grade class party and drinking margaritas (remember, I won’t be able to drink for months!)  We just sat around the bar at their house, and talked and ate and drank and laughed.  We just had fun.  This was my normal.

Friday night was dinner with David and Kellye at the Hills Country Club.  Great food, great conversation, great friends…oh, and being told that we had to order because the kitchen was closing at 9:00!  What kitchen closes at 9pm on a Friday night?  Well, the waitress was none too please when we ordered the second bottle of wine then too.  A great night, but the highlight was when we all grabbed hands and David prayed for us right there in the middle of the restaurant.  That was a special moment.

Saturday was kind of the culmination of “Kick Cancer’s Ass Week” with our Kick Cancer’s Ass pool party.  I don’t play by normal rules, and I wanted to celebrate with my friends the pending booty kicking of the cancer.  I almost wrote ‘my’ cancer, but I take no ownership of it.  I’m just borrowing it for a short time until God is sure I’ve learned the lessons I need to move forward.  It will not be returned, but destroyed forever, never to be seen again.

Anyways, it was a wonderful day.  Friends came in waves throughout the day, and it was so overwhelming to feel their support.  The Fab 5 (Chris, Torri, Stacy, Gina and Jen) all pitched in to get me an awesome basket filled with things to help keep me physically and spiritually healthy.  A Ninja blender/juicer for smoothies and juices when I won’t be able to eat solid food.  Several smoothie recipe books, protein powder, cozy slippers, insulated cups, purse size journal, inspirational music, kettle ball and notes of love and hope on everything.  How blessed I am to have these women in my life!  We topped of the array of junk food with a “Let’s Kick Cancer’s A$$” cookie cake.  Molly told me that the dollar signs don’t hide the fact that it’s a bad word.  I told her sometimes there are things that deserve bad words and cancer is one of them!

The week didn’t end any slower than it began.  Church on Sunday morning was nice and we learned to “Go”.  Go where, we still aren’t sure, but we’ll go!  Then it was time to relish in the fun of summer time on the lake.  Once treatments start, I won’t be able to get any lake water on my face, so that pretty much kills any watersports for me all summer.  So we headed out with Will’s parents , Meghan & Molly for my last day of fun on the lake.  I love to waterski, and like usual I popped right up and smiled like I didn’t have a care in the world.  And, I didn’t.  I skied and skied, popping from side to side over the wake.  The fighter in me didn’t want to let go.  And, I didn’t.  Finally when Jerry’s hat blew off his head into the water in front of me, I decided to let go.  My hands could hold on no longer.  I didn’t want to let go of the freedom, the excitement or the joy.  I didn’t want to let go and remember that the next day I would be starting cancer treatments.  But, even though I had to let go, I know that Jesus is holding me and holding on for me always.

Our week ended with a family gathering at our home.  My parents and brother, Will’s parents and the four of us gathering before the Lord, in praise and thanksgiving for everything He is doing not only in my life, but the lives of those around me.  So, after a week of preparing to ‘Kick Cancer’s Ass’, I am ready to do it!

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